BRASIL – Broadband to Rural Areas via Satellite Integrated Links

The EU-funded project Brasil to help bring broadband to millions of companies and households in South America was launched. The project, called Broadband to Rural America over Satellite Integrated Links (BRASIL), brings together Europe’s leading providers of broadband over satellite technology.

The delivery of broadband services over satellite is very appropriate for the South American market because of the large geographical extension of the involved areas, and the need for a cost effective, efficient and highly scalable solution. BRASIL will promote systems based on DVB-RCS (Digital Video Broadcast – Return Channel Satellite), a world-leading standard developed in Europe for the provision of interactive broadband services via satellite. One of the most significant advantages of DVB-RCS is that it is an open standard, meaning that competition is encouraged and end users have a choice in service and hardware providers.

BRASIL’s first tasks will be to raise awareness of the advantages of using DVB-RCS, to identify key partners and stakeholders in South America, and to collect and collate both quantitative and qualitative market research. Activities will include a DVB-RCS symposium at the Futurecom show in Latin America, initiation of joint research and development project, and market research.


AnsuRTechnologies (coordinator), TriaGnoSys, German Aerospace Center (DLR), University of Bologna, and Norintec. South American partners are Provisuale, UNISAT.

Press releases:
EU Supports Broadband Expansion in South America (pdf)