CORPA - Cost-Optimised High Performance Active Receive Phase Array Antenna For Mobile Terminals

The objectives of CORPA are the design and prototyping of a complete digital beamforming platform providing multimedia reception in the S-band (frequencies around 2.6 GHz) within the S-DMB system.

Mobile satellite terminals for data applications at the L-, S-, or C frequency band, respectively, face the problem of minimum antenna size requirements due to limited satellite transmit power and shape constraints of the antenna, e.g., for low drag for aeronautical application. However, mechanical steering makes the antenna platform bulky and obtrusive, and thus little attractive for a larger market. Conformal array antennas utilising digital beam forming (DBF) can provide an attractive solution for medium gain antennas. The complexity of the design of such antennas requires an extensive theoretical analysis of feasibility w.r.t. cost optimisation and functionality. The design of the antenna is performed in four steps: (i) analysis of the environmental conditions, (ii) array design (shape/geometry and radiating elements), (iii) DBF techniques and algorithms design (iv) DBF platform selection.

TriaGnoSys is responsible for the analysis of the environmental conditions defining requirements for antenna performance and agility. To achieve this, TriaGnoSys implemented a geometry-based stochastical model (GSCM) of the landmobile satellite channel to produce spatial time-variant channel impulse responses including terminal mobility for assessing DBF performance.

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Time-variant channel impulse response simulated with TriaGnoSys’ software

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Illustration of relevant aspects of the landmobile satellite channel

Further we support our partners in the array design by providing performance predictions using our fast conformal array simulation tool.

CORPA consortium:
Space Services CE Lda. (Portugal), Instituto de Telecomunicacaos (Portugal), TriaGnoSys GmbH (Germany), Universidad Politécnica de Catalonia (Spain), Satellite Services BV (Netherlands)

ESA Contract No. AO/-4746/05/NL/JD