GSMConneX - GSM and Wifi Connectivity for Aircraft

GSMConneXTM is an end-to-end solution that provides GSM and Wifi services to aircraft passengers and crew. It consists of hardware and software parts for both the aircraft and the ground, with the airborne GSM network being connected ground network via satellite, or any other backhaul link.

GSMConneX Main features:

The entire airborne hardware is contained in two Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), consisting of:
• BTS+, an integrated GSM Base Transceiver Station with controller, Ethernet switch and aircraft interface unit
• NCU, a radio Network Control Unit
Optionally, Internet access through WLAN is supported.

GSMConneX Technical Information:

• BTS+ including controller, A/C interface unit and Ethernet switch
• NCU for GSM radio control according to ECC regulation / ED-130
• Optional WLAN access point for Internet access
• BTS management (power, frequencies)
• Radio management (ED-130, ECC compliant)
• SDU interface (SwiftBroadband, others)
• QoS Quality of Service management
• Network management
• Crew GUI / control
• (optional) WLAN portal including payment portal

Press releases / Coverage:

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Advanced Architecture:

Aero GSM architecture





  • Integrated Server
  • 5-port Ethernet Switch
  • Arinc 429 TX/RX
  • Discretes

Integrated software functions:

  • GSMConneX™ software modules
  • IFEConneX Audio/Video (opt.)
  • Cabin router (opt.)
  • WLAN portal (opt.)
  • Payment portal (opt.)