MOWGLY - MObile Wideband Global Link sYstem

The objective of MOWGLY is to study the implementation of new standards for the provision of broadband access to passengers and crew on aircraft, trains and ships. The new DVB-S2/DVB-RCS standard bears the potential for an efficient open approach for broadband access; however the effects of mobility have not yet been fully investigated.

TriaGnoSys' contribution is the mobility issues of a DVB-S2/DVB-RCS based system, as well the service definition, assessment and traffic modelling for the business case analysis.

MOWGLY will investigate innovative solutions for satellite terminals for mobile user groups. MOWGLY will focus on business case analysis, engineering studies and performance evaluation. Trials on a prototype communication chain will allow validation of the technological development, assessment of the services offered to potential customers and the definition of a business model.

MOWGLY project team: Airbus, Alcatel, Alstom, Broadreach Networks, Eutelsat, Ineco, M.B.I., Orbit, Rockwell Collins, TeS, TriaGnoSys, University of Surrey and Video&Suono.

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In the framework of the IST 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission