SIMPLICITY - Secure, Internet-able, Mobile Platforms LeadIng CItizens Towards simplicitY

Systems beyond 3G are characterised by the use of a multitude of different terminals and the heterogeneity of network access methods. In order to cope with the related complexity, flexibility and adaptability are key issues for the design of appropriate terminal and network architectures. The project’s main objective is to design, develop and evaluate an architectural framework supporting simple customisation of terminals, services and networks. To this end, the project introduces the "Simplicity" device and develops underlying policy-based mechanisms for an integrated and easily extensible brokerage framework across the terminal and networking environment.

TriaGnoSys contributes to the overall system architecture specification and to the definition of convincing and concrete use cases, user scenarios and business cases.

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SIMPLICITY project team:
RadioLabs, DoCoMo Europe, National Technical University of Athens, Siemens Austria, Siemens Germany, Siemens Business Services, Telecom Italia, TriaGnoSys, University of Lancaster, University of Munich, VTT


In the framework of the IST 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission