SMS - Simple Mobile Services

The goal of the SMS project is to create innovative tools enabling a new class of services: Simple Mobile Services (SMS), addressing the specific needs of mobile users enabling individuals and small businesses to become service providers. If mobile services are to repeat the success of the Web they have to be simple to find, simple to use, simple to trust and simple to set up. These are design goals for the SMS project. Like the Web, SMS will provide technology and operator-independent end-to-end connectivity. But unlike conventional Web-based services they will target specific locations visited by specific classes of mobile users with specific needs.

TriaGnoSys contributes to the definition of operational, end user and system requirements and to exploitation planning and business development for the SMS results and potential products.

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SMS consortium:
Radiolabs, Athens International Airport, France Telecom, National Technical University of Athens, LMU University of Munich, Sagem Orga, Siemens Business Services, TriaGnoSys, University of Lancaster, VTT Electronics, XiWrite


In the framework of the IST 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission