Wireless Sensor Networks for Aircraft Maintenance Operations

The @MOST SWAN project investigates the capability and feasibility of integrating Wireless Sensor Networking technology as key enabler to provide a flexible wireless transport and access network to existing avionics communication data networks in order to increase efficiency of current maintenance operations and even introduce new services.

The @MOST SWAN project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie). With a duration of four years, the SWAN project embraces all engineering issues related to a new aeronautical system, from defining applications and capturing requirements to developing a prototype, and including investigations on aircraft regulation and certification as well as security, safety and reliability issues required to design an aircraft systems architecture integrating Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).

Source: Airbus Operations GmbH

The main objectives of SWAN are to provide solutions relying on WSN technology for maintenance operations with increased efficiency compared to current approaches and to identify potential improvements indifferent aircraft domains (e.g. aerodynamics, engine, cabin, systems and structure) where the overall aircraft maintenance can benefit.

WSN technology can provide enormous benefits for existing and future aircraft systems, easing their design and installation as well as providing enhanced functionality and reliability for these systems.

TriaGnoSys’ main contributions on SWAN are related to networking aspects, software architecture design, and development and testing of the software running on the different network entities (sensor, data collectors and central server) for the prototype demonstration.


Consortium Lead
Airbus Germany GmbH
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Project Partners
AOA Apparatebau Gauting GmbH
Diehl-Aerospace GmbH
EADS Innovation Works
Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
TriaGnoSys GmbH
T-Systems Enterprise Services



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